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strong woman looking over shoulder trying to stay positive about her PMDD

The Difficulty with Positivity and PMDD

It’s easy to lose hope, and it’s easy to give up when you’re dealing with a beast like PMDD. But, if we train ourselves to be positive and never to lose hope, we will have the coping skills needed when the hard times come.

Never Giving Up

Tomorrow will be another battle with PMDD, fighting for control over my own mind and body. Part of me is tired of this battle, wanting to give up, but I know I can’t…

Who Run The World?

By Ms. Menses Who run the world? GIRLS! That’s right- even us, the girls with PMDD. We keep this world turning, no Read More


By Lauren Lombardo It happens when you least expect it; when you’re at your most vulnerable… It could be when you’re home Read More