Why Me v PMDD created the Warrior

The Warrior

Why Me v PMDD created the Warrior:

When Me v PMDD launched in May of 2017, we knew that our mission was so much more than building an app to track symptoms and treatments of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. We wanted to support the brave women fighting PMDD and empower them to take charge in a battle that makes us believe we have no control. We wanted to reframe the PMDD experience from one of suffering to one of fighting. We wanted to remind all who fight PMDD that we are WARRIORS!

So, in March of 2018, the Warrior was born.

The Warrior is the official blog of Me v PMDD. It’s a space to share our stories, our battles fought, our battles won and share our secrets to fighting and winning these battles.  It’s a space created by PMDD Warriors for PMDD Warriors.

The Warrior is the Me v PMDD battle cry brought to life:

It’s Me v PMDD.

It’s You v PMDD.

It’s We v PMDD.

Together, We Can Do It!

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