Who Run The World?

By Ms. Menses

Who run the world? GIRLS!

That’s right- even us, the girls with PMDD.

We keep this world turning, no matter what- even when we are depressed, irritable, bloated, cramping, or downright miserable, we keep going.

We, women, are strong. We can handle anything. I mean, can men bleed for 5 days straight without dying? I didn’t think so. Can men grow a human inside their body and go through excruciating pain to birth it? Nope. You see, women are born with a higher pain tolerance that enables us to do incredible things.

Throughout our lives, we face discrimination, doubt, and injustice which forces us to be even stronger. As women, we are born into the world fighting. We are fighters.

At that work meeting with all the men at the table, we have to fight to earn our place and the respect of our co-workers…

At the elementary school, we have to fight to be seen as a good mother…

We have to fight every single day, just to maintain the same level that men do. It’s easier for them, without all the judgment, ridicule, and discouragement. Men are the ones at the top, with all the power. Yet, we are half the population and have the power to keep the population going. We are the men behind the curtain. The ones who keep everything running smoothly.

Men are often perceived as stronger, yet they were born this way. They were given their muscular bodies and great opportunities. We, women, had to earn our muscular bodies and fight for our opportunities. Instead of being given everything on a silver platter, we had to work for it. This, ladies, is what makes us stronger.

We have already proved that we can accomplish anything with this power and strength. So, if we can do all this, why can’t we fight the PMDD? Fight the demons in our heads, the will to give up, the screaming pain in our bodies. We can!

I believe that we were given this body with all the burdens inside of it because the world knows we are fighters. We run this world, no matter what kind of emotional pain we are going through. We can take it, even something as severe as PMDD, because we can do anything.

Without us, the world would fall apart. That’s why I plead that you keep fighting. The world can’t make it without you.

We are women. We will keep on fighting. Because we are warriors.

About the Warrior

Ms. Menses is a University student who is passionate about menstruation and women’s rights. She has done a TED Talk about menstruation and is currently working on researching the effects of menstruation on girl’s education. She loves to talk about and teach classes about menstruation. She is planning on getting a Master’s in Public Health with a focus on Women’s Reproductive Health issues. She hopes to help make menstruation something people can talk about openly so that girls do not have to suffer.

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