PMDD Tips: Treatment for PMDD

Tips for treating PMDD with supplements, meds, etc.

Finding the right PMDD treatment can be a difficult journey. Often what helps one person will not help the next, frustrating all involved. Also, you may need to try multiple treatments to find the right one, or combination, that works best for you. Luckily, there are quite a few options to try. Please refer to the IAPMD’s evidence-based treatment options page and discuss all treatments with your health care professionals before making any change. The treatments shared on this blog are to help guide you to new avenues of treatments that you can explore further on your own and with your doctor.

Treatment Tips:

Approach treatment with an open mind and be willing to try different modalities to ease symptoms. I use diet, exercise, medication, and therapy.

Vanessa, 31


Work out and eat healthier. This helps so much.

Sarah, 15

Acupuncture weekly, meditation, regular exercise, eating regularly, try to reduce dairy, organic produce, no coffee.

Irene, 37

I read the book “Wheat Belly” and quit eating wheat for it’s inflammatory properties. Without wheat, and a replacement of dairy, veggies and very low sugar I’ve seen improvements these last 3 months.

Miranda, 25

I reduce stressors and treat myself in the bad weeks.  Exercise, BSM every day, PMS multivitamin, seed cycle, clean diet, reduce alcohol, and sometimes take a Xanax if it’s unbearable. I communicate and only take on what I have to. I’m starting to switch my head space to it’s my “treat-myself week.” I save some relaxing things for the bad times.

Ash, 35

Going jogging/doing cardio exercise. Since I started jogging again every week, I’ve had more symptom-free days this cycle than I’ve had in months!

Lauren, 29

After not really paying any attention to yoga, now I’m using it to relieve the anxiety. I feel really good when I’m done. I also remind myself, even if it is just a whisper, “You are not what your mind says. It is a mental game. You’re going to be ok. Keep going. You can do it.” I listen to a lot of calming and spiritual messages and it really helps me get through it.

Glenda, 45

Get out in nature every day, even if it’s only for 5 minutes! Stop, breathe and listen to the birds. I tell myself I’m pressing the reset button!

Trixie, 34

Green tea!

Salma, 49

CBD oil. Avoid leaving the house. Food.

Noelle, 39

CBD oil every single day.

Beth, 41

I stay away from processed sugars, beef, dairy, and caffeine. I use CDB oil to help ease the anxiety.

Sophie, 34

Evening primrose oil, thanaka masks, lots of sleep, laughter and time with dogs and cats.

CaptainCat, 26

Massage therapy.

Amanda, 39


Moody Bird supplement by HUM. I’ve struggled with PMDD for over 20 years and this has been an absolute game-changer for the past year since discovering it! The best part is that I only take it for 10 days before my period and I feel like myself now all month.  No more being stuck in the pit of hell every month. Life changing! I hope this helps even one person. Stay strong and don’t give up, girls.

Kim, 40


Take the Zoloft if you have to, you aren’t a failure if you choose to take medication to help with some of the symptoms.

Kisha, 30

Starting 50mg of 5-HTP the day before or at the first sign of PMDD, and 50mg plus a .5 Valium at night during PMDD has given me enough power to fight this. You’ll learn to take as needed. I wake up so much better and my episodes are significantly lessened. You have to stay on top of it so it doesn’t stay on top of you.

Tara, 37

Day 1 -13: Sertraline 25g. Day 14 – 28: a whole 50g tablet.

Caroline, 41

*Luteal-phase only dosing is possible for treating PMDD

I take Prozac and it helps. I also walk daily and that helps me with the anxi


Beth, 49

Taking Prozac to stay calm and Qlaira pill to stop my period. Mindfulness is helping and keeping myself busy every day helps too.

Stefania, 39

Paxil, Marie Laevau Medical Marijuana Strain, diet rich in nuts and dairy, and sleep.

Bandit, 36


Keep a log of your symptoms. Once I saw the pattern I went to my OB/GYN who actually listened and heard what I was telling her. We then determined I have had PMDD all my adult life. She did not recommend antidepressants but instead did a blood draw to reveal I am in perimenopause and prescribed progesterone cream. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!! Game changer ladies. GAME CHANGER!!

Jennifer, 46

I recently saw a doctor who specializes in PMDD and she was wonderful. She made me feel as if I was going to get through this. It’s been a long 4 years and I finally found a doctor who understands me and what I’m going through.

Diet change was also very helpful. As well as 500 mg of magnesium, vitamin B6 and herbal supplements. I’ve also started Progesterone 100 mg capsules before bed for the 2 weeks before my cycle starts. Also 100mg of HRT( hormone patches ) for the 2 weeks as well.

My option was always surgery as it can be pretty unbearable. However, this new doctor gave me immense hope that if I really believe in myself and stick to this treatment for some time, it will work.
You all are beautiful and strong.

Natasha, 27


Psychotherapy helped me so much! If you don’t have access to a therapist, deep breathing and meditation can help.

Carrie, 40

I’ve managed my PMDD through meditation, exercise, cyclical antidepressants (many different treatments!), and the Yaz pill which works well for me. Also by talking to a psychologist who helped point out how greatly PMDD impacted my life and that I should not define myself nor beat myself up for the effects the depressive two weeks were having on my family and myself.

Joe, 49


Getting closer to God has helped me. Get a really good Bible, one with wide margins for notes, bible friendly highlighters, and a really good devotional. For me, it’s been 100 Days to Brave by Annie Downs. It reminds me every day that no matter what gets me through the day, whether it’s sleep, a walk, or crying into my dog’s back, that I am brave. These feelings and symptoms are fleeting, but who I am in God is forever.

Elisabeth, 28

Other Treatment Tips

Watch the TV series Better Things.

Emmy, 39

See if there are clinical trials that appeal to you. I was fortunate to participate in two and they provided me with a support system of medical and psychological professionals and fortunately, treatment that I think saved my life.


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