The Monthly Eternity

The Monthly Eternity

“The Monthly Eternity”

Oil on panel

Jessica Vandenburg

As an artist, I sought to explore the raw and personal expression of what PMDD means to me.

It’s always a difficult thing to admit to others, and even more difficult to describe and convey in any meaningful, believable, or relatable way……
For me, I often feel as if electric currents are running through my brain… not allowing my thoughts to come clearly.  As if they bounce around and I just cannot think straight.
During this time, I cannot see anything or anyone around me.  All I see is red.
I feel naked, and exposed, and alone… and want to hide from all of this.
I used to joke and call it the invasion of the body snatchers because I never recognize this person afterward.

I hoped to visually capture how I feel and leave an emotional experience with the viewer since explaining PMDD can be such a hard thing. I hope I can help those with-and without-PMDD experience and/or to empathize with the acute agony and vulnerability of this experience.

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