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PMDD can be extremely isolating when the symptoms hit. What do we do in those isolating moments to get through the minutes? Often, we turn to our phones – distraction, Facebook support groups, meditation apps, texting our best friend, Me v PMDD and other trackers, podcasts, Twitter, and Instagram…it goes on.

Knowing this, we aim for our social media platforms, especially our Instagram @mevpmdd, to be a space of inspiration, hope, support, and empowerment (GOOD) for anyone fighting PMDD. We keep it real (there’s no denying PMDD sucks!), but we also keep it hopeful. We need hope in the midst of PMDD. We also need your help Instagramming for Good…

Submit an Instagram post

If you have an inspiring image, quote, photo, thought, or more to share with the Me v PMDD Instagram community, use the form below to submit an Instagram post we can share. Our team will get back to you within a week to let you know if it fits our content. We’ll chat about any edits to the caption, hashtags, or image, and then post, crediting you.

What can I submit?

Check out our @mevpmdd for post inspiration (especially our old stuff, we’ve been slacking a bit as of late). We mainly share images with quotes, illustrations, poems, graphics, and the occasional photo. Here are a couple example posts, but don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with something totally new.